How To Retain Your Car Value When Doing Body Repair

Whenever you need to make auto body repairs, you run the gambit of figuring out how to best retain value of your car. That is, auto body repair is almost always going to reduce the value of your car, but to what extent? Of course, large dents and holes that need substantial repair will need to be fixed using more intense measures, and there's really nothing you can do to hide signs of the repair. However, when it comes to most small dents and dings it is often possible to more or less hide the signs of the work.

That is, if nobody can tell that any work was done to your auto body, then they won't ask any questions. Of course, with such small blemishes in your car body, there is no legal requirement to disclose what work was done. With large collisions and repairs, not only are you required to disclose the damage, it is probably going to be easy to spot that work was done.

Auto Body Filler

When it comes to retaining the value of your car, most experts will tell you that auto body filler is your worst enemy on large repairs. That being said, auto body filler is also the most effective patching product on the market. It works great, lasts for a long time, and can be easily applied to most moderate sized holes. It is really the only option for many repairs.

The bigger the hole is, the harder it is to create a patch that is going to be good looking. But, when it comes to patching holes, dents, and dings that are smaller than the size of your fist, body filler can work great, particularly if it is applied by a professional. Of course, if you are just going to try to do the work yourself, you should only make repairs on super small dings that are about the size of a dime.

Paintless Repairs

The best way to retain the value of your car is to repair your damage using paintless repair techniques. This is an advanced repair technique that involves using special lasers, computers, and suction cups that pop the dent out and reshape your car body back to its original state. This is a complicated process, and one that has to be done by specialized body repair services. It is also far more practical and affordable if there is no paint damage to your body.