If Your Vehicle Has Been Involved In An Accident: Prompt Repairs Are Important

If you've been involved in an accident and your vehicle was damaged, it's important that you not put off collision repair. While many people look at these repairs solely from the angle of aesthetics, having your vehicle repaired has a major impact on its overall condition. Here are just some of the reasons why prompt repairs are important.


One of the leading dangers that dents and other accident damage introduce is rust development. All vehicles have a protective coating over the paint. In addition to creating a smooth, shiny appearance, this coating protects the bare metal surfaces that rest under the paint.

When this coating has worn away, the metal gets exposed to the elements, and before long, this exposure will lead to rust development. The longer you wait to have repairs performed, the more likely rust is to develop. When you have the vehicle repaired promptly, you can ensure this coating is restored, and the vehicle is protected.

Paint Damage

When a vehicle is dented, and the paint's clear coat is damaged, rust isn't the only problem you could face. Paint damage is another problem you may have to deal with. When the protective coat is worn away, this will cause the paint to erode and fade over time. So, even if it's just a small dent, the area will look discolored.

The primary problem with this is the fact that the area of erosion will only expand over time, which means a small dent could lead to major paint damage. As soon as the protective coating on the vehicle has been damaged, it's important to have the vehicle repaired. 

Resale Value

No matter how much you love your car, at some point, the goal is likely to trade it in or sell the vehicle in the future. When you perform these transactions, the goal will be to get as much from the sale or trade-in as you can.

If you don't make vehicle repair after an accident a priority, you shouldn't expect to earn much from the sale, as a vehicle with body damage, is going to have a lower resale value than a vehicle that has been repaired. Since the longer you wait for repairs, the greater the damage, the longer you wait, the less the value of the vehicle.

If you've been involved in an accident, it's important that you have your vehicle repaired priority. Visit a collision repair center for assistance.