4 Tips for Caring for Your Freshly Painted Car

Whether you have a certain section of the vehicle painted because of damages or you repainted the entire vehicle, you will want to do your due diligence to take care of the new paint. Freshly coated paint needs careful attention because it's definitely prone to damages, especially in the first few weeks. Here are four tips to consider for taking care of your freshly painted car:

Avoid Washing Completely for the First Two Weeks: When you get your car back from the auto body repair shop, it should be clean since it's cleaned before it's painted, even if you are only getting a small area repainted because of damages. This should easily ensure that your car can get through two weeks of absolutely no washing. Of course, you can continue to clean the interior of the vehicle as usual, but avoid the exterior completely. 

Avoid Waxing for Two Months: Once the two week period has passed, you can definitely go about washing your car as normal, but skip the waxing completely. This is because your car needs this amount of time for the paint to fully cure. If you wax your vehicle, it can do damage to the paint and even possibly strip it from the vehicle and this is just because waxing a vehicle uses more pressure and heat than regular washing of the vehicle does. 

Wash Thoroughly: Since you won't be waxing your vehicle for the first two months, it's essential that you are wiping away all dirt on the vehicle so that it does not cause scratches on the new paint. To wash thoroughly, you should use a sponge to get rid of all excess dirt from the surface. From here, you should wipe down to dry with a cotton cloth. Using any of material can cause scratching, so keep this in mind. 

Use the Right Wax: Once you do start waxing your vehicle again, you want to be sure that you are not using a silicone-based wax. This can be dangerous since the silicone-based wax penetrates the paint rather than protects it. A higher quality wax is the best way to get the most for your money. 

With these four tips in mind, it's a great way to ensure that your fresh paint on your vehicle lasts longer and retains it's fresh and shiny appearance, as well. If you do notice any damage to the paint, be sure to take it into a local auto body repair shop like Olson's Auto Body to have it touched up.