A Friend Wrecked Your Car: Here Is What To Do

Helping a friend is something everyone should always aspire to do. After all, you never know when it could be your turn, and you need a helping hand.

Among all the things a friend can borrow, asking for your car takes a lot of courage especially if you have a close relationship. Not only do they not want to impose, but they also are aware of how important your car is to you. But even with good intentions, misfortunes happen, and a car can get wrecked while under their care. Two words apply then: collision repair.

What happens now?

Get the Police Involved

When you get that call from your friend ask them to stay on the scene and call the police. Whether anyone is injured or not make sure the police are involved to assess the situation and make a report for posterity. When the police arrive, give an accurate account of the happening prior to the accident.

The police report is important because it determines whose fault the accident was and that fault affects how the insurance company handles your claim.

Get a Damage Estimate

The insurance company paying for the repairs will send an on the road estimator to assess the extent and cost of the damage to your car. In some instances, you may have to drive your car to their nearest estimation facility.

Choose the Repair Shop

Depending on the insurance company you can either choose the collision repair shop or only used one they have approved. It is better to get insurance coverage that allows you to choose the repair shop otherwise you will be stuck with what the insurance company thinks is cheapest for them.

Oversee the Repairs

Even after the damages have been appraised more damage can be discovered as the mechanic is working on the car. Ensure that your insurance company is aware of these additional damages and agrees to pay for them.

Only pay out of pocket if the insurance coverage does not extend to certain damages. It is always important to keep up with your insurance premiums because accidents can happen at any time. As for your friend, hopefully, they will help pay for any out of pocket repairs that may arise.

In short, the situation can be tricky, but with a true friend, you should be able to work out a way to pay for the damages. Look for a reasonable auto body repair shop so that the burden of collision repair isn't higher than it needs to be. Contact a company like Signature Auto Collision for more information and assistance.